Homenav400-2400MHz Nederlands

400-2400MHz STL


The 400-2400MHz STL equipment can be produced on order, if you have a license for a frequency in this band.
In the UHF TV band there are frequenties for temporary earth news gathering links, but you need to have a license (BIPT in Belgium).

Design and antenna

The STAT/STAR1500 and STAT/STAR1800 are based on an own universal design. This design can be used for any frequency between 400MHz and 2400MHz with minimal modifications.
These modifications only concern the bandfilter/LNA and the VCO-PLL.

Probably you also need an antenna: we design and produce it for your frequency. In this way you are sure of the highest gain and the smallest side lobes for the smallest antenna dimensions.


For specifications of these unique transmitters & receivers consult the datasheets of the STAR/STAT1500 and STAR/STAT1800.