Homenav870MHz Nederlands

STAR870: 870MHz receiver & antenna


The STAR870 is an universal FM receiver for the 864-875MHz band. It has following unique features:

Use and antenna

For a link without line of sight, the excellent sensitivity makes the difference between a noisy and a perfect link.
The STAR870 has an extremely low noise figure because the first bandfilter and low noise amplifier is mounted at the antenna.
The yagi870 antenna was specially designed for this band and obtains a gain of 14dBi dispite it's limited length. It can be delivered in a passive version with N-connector or an active version with integrated bandfilter/LNA which has a F-connector.

The use of the band 869,4 till 869,65MHz for audio links is illegal in Belgium. For a perfect, licencefree and completely legal solution, see the STAT/STAR1800.