HomenavHistory Nederlands


Being a teenager, we were one of the pioneers at the end of the 1970's of the free FM radio stations in Belgium. Besides managing an in those days completely illegal station, my passion was the technical side. All transmitter equipment was home designed and build. After completion of my engineer studies, with as project of course a self designed FM band transmitter, the technical knowledge and quality came at a professional level.

I was the first manufacturer of RDS coders in Belgium. It was an innovative design in which the RDS carrier wasn’t modulated analogue but was directly digitally synthesised and modulated. The design was sold to a large dealer of The Netherlands.
A few years later, the design was improved further and I sold some hundreds RDS coders to radio Contact, for all their stations in Belgium and Europe.

The years later, most of the work was electronic custom design, mostly radio related. With as a main customer radio Contact. I delivered them e.g. a watchdog system with audio fade in/out for their satellite-studio automation system.
In 1998 I designed the ASAP audioprocessor, which integrated the best features of commercial available audioprocessors into one slimline machine, with excellent features for a very good price. Some dozens of these processors were sold to Contact.

Later on, I designed and produced equipment for Studio-Transmitter-Links (STL) on 1500MHz: stainless steel yagi, downconverter, flat panel antenna. The equipment was also sold via distributors.