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SILENCE KILLER - stereo balanced XLR

The silence killer sees to it that silence will never be broadcast. If silence is detected during approximately 15s, a backup audio source (e.g. mp3/dvd player) will be switched in. Both audio and mainspower are switched.


It's best to place the device in front of the audioprocessor.
Inputs and outputs are fully balanced. In normal operation the incoming signals will be put on the outputs without any manipulation.
In backup mode the signal of the cinch L & R are amplified and converted to balanced and are put on the outputs.

If the outputs are used unbalanced, then the unused output must not be shorted to ground! This is because an electronic balancing is used instead of a transformer.

XLR inputs at device: female 3 pins, pin1=GND; pin2=signal;pin3=signal-
XLR outputs at device: female 3 pins, pin1=GND; pin2=signal;pin3=signal-


After the device is connected and fed with normal audio:
Turn the trimmer 'SENS' with a small screwdriver till the green led 'audio present' goes out every now and then.
Press the button 'test': the backup audio is now activated and broadcasted. Turn the trimmer 'backup audio LEVEL' untill the audioprocessor has a nominal input level.


If the 'audio present' led is off during 15 seconds, the backup audio is switched in. If audio is again present from the mixing console, the backup audio will be switched off within 1 second (The time can be adjusted internally between 10 seconds and 20 seconds).

Typical specifications

Normal working: No signal manipulation, straight feedtrough.
During backup: Maximum power consumption 230V output: 100W
19" 1U housing