HomenavStereo coder / limiter Nederlands

Stereo coder / limiter

This stereocoder-limiter is perfect to be used after an audiolink (e.g. the STAT/STAR1800 or a satellite receiver): the limiter removes all overshoots and deviation uncertainty. Below, you see the typical specifications for the stereo coder with built-in limiter.


Balanced XLR 600Ω
Input level range: -10 to +10 dBm (0.7 to 7.0 Vptp)
                             for 0dB led on. (adjustable with trimmer)
Internal pre-emphasis: 50us

Limiter section

3 fold action:
Input level indication 0  +3  +6  +9dB for classic limiter.
In case the unit is used as a leveler / loudness maximiser an input level adjustment is recommended which gives a +6dB indication most of the time.

Stereo coder section

Error warning for L or R fall away, automatic switchover to mono.
Error warning LED for L/R phase reversal.

Overall performance

For input levels between 0 and +14dB (on led display):
-1dB @20Hz-15KHz
S/N:   80dB
THD (@1KHz): <0,1%
Channel separation (@1KHz): 45dB

19" 1U cabinet
MPX output:
BNC - connector
Output level: 0 to 10Vptp (internal trimmer)
Pilot output:
BNC - connector (for coupling with external RDS coder)
External RDS input:
BNC - connector

Optional internal RDS coder.