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Personal service

Because everything is designed down to electronic component level (no use of other manufacturers modules), we have complete control and knowledge in house. An equipment of e.g. 10 year old can be repaired quick and reliable.

If you buy equipment from us, we are eager to think with you about your total signal chain:
From audio via STL, FM transmitter, antenna system up to your listeners radio.
Being a specialised electronic designer, we have in depth knowledge of all parameters which influence your audio and RF quality. This is supported by a well equipped lab: from audio analysers to spectrum and vector analysers.

Problems with your STL audio link?

We solve them! You want to set up a new STL audio link? We calculate on forehand, and/or a test on site. If mast is not present yet: experiment with helium balloon.

A problematic FM coverage?

As antenna designer we can go further than the 'broadcast distributor'. Combining some standard antennas and afterwards taking theoretical calculations for the real life situation is not our thing. We can even come and measure your complete radiation pattern on site with a helium balloon.


We are known for our design-for-survive designs. As far as possible fool proof with regard to connectors, thoroughly decoupled against EMC and protected against overvoltages and ESD.
If an apparatus does break down, the cause is immediately investigated and the apparatus is repaired. If there were fabrication faults they will be solved under guaranty.