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Electronic design & Broadcast specialties

De Belie VOF is the enterprise of Jan De Belie. Our business is:

Since 35 years, we do electronic custom design, mostly for a limited group of (small and large) loyal customers.
Innovation: the first completely legal licence free audio link (STL), now with MPX output.


All these products are 100% designed and produced in house. They have better specifications and features and this for a lower price than the classical Italian import.
Licence free audio link
Licence free RF audio link
Licence free 1.8GHz audio link
No licence audio link
No tax audio link
No tax digital audio RF link 1.8GHz
FM broadcast link
Licence free audio STL
No licence 1.8GHz audio link
EN301 357 audio link STL
No licence 1.8GHz digital audio link
Licence exempt 1.8GHz digital audio link